We create graphics that make complex evidence easy to understand and remember.  Our visuals also make a statement that the facts are on your side and you are fully prepared for court.

Spatial concepts are not natural to some.  Even for those who do think spatially, it requires unnecessary attention to keep details straight.  A simple graphic to help educate or support an opinion can be instrumental, and a welcome help to a jury member struggling to understand your point.  

We provide documentation, analysis, and presentation of site conditions, relevant codes, and possible scenarios to support expert witness reports, aid in depositions, and present in court.  Typically we will we partner with your expert and assist them from initial site visit through final trial preparation.  

With an education in architecture and over 20 years of experience in design visualization for the AEC and Industrial/Energy fields, our background is well suited for assisting legal teams on cases that require a forensic architect or engineer as an expert witness.  We have experience on a range of case types and offer many services related to the preparation of expert witness reports.   

Clear visuals make a statement that the facts on your side and you are prepared for trial

Case Studies

The following are examples of exhibits produced while working with an expert witness in developing reports and trial presentations.  In addition to 3d visualization, we also produce any charts, timelines, maps, etc. that are needed to support the opinion.  Our services are not limited to creating presentation after an opinion is developed.  The same site documentation drawings created for presentation are an invaluable and time saving tool for the expert in developing their opinion and can be useful in acquiring clear testimony during depositions.

Fall from Height

Services included:

  • 3D Reconstruction of Site

  • Animated Reenactment Comparing Body Size to Railing Spacing

  • Visualization of Expert Witness' Design Mitigation Suggestion

  • Integration of 3D Medical Scans Showing Injury


Roof Collapse

Services Included:

  • 3D Reconstruction of Site
  • Security Footage Analysis

  • Animated Storyboard
  • Timeline / Graphing of Accumulated Rainfall and Weight on Roof
  • Building Code Research
  • Analysis of Opposing Expert's Opinion

Animated Storyboard of Eyewitness Testimony

An animated storyboard is a very flexible tool during mediation and in preparation for trial.  In an animated storyboard we clearly document key points in the sequence of events, generally based on eyewitness testimony. Once clearly distilled in such a format, the plausibility of an eyewitness account can be effectively evaluated.  If it is determined that a full motion animation is needed, the assets created for animated storyboards can be further developed for that purpose.



Educating the Jury: Construction Sequence

When making an argument that depends on clearly understanding a complex sequence of events, it is critical to simplify concepts as much as possible.  Below is a series of trial exhibits created to educate on the fundamentals of a construction sequence which was critical to the expert witness' argument.  While photos of the construction existed, they seemed to confuse more than clarify, as can be seen in the last frame of this sequence.


A picture is worth a thousand words... an animation can be worth much more.

Case Experience:

  • Premises Liability
  • Design Defects
  • Construction Defects
  • Insurance Defense
  • Insurance Claim Dispute
  • Slip, Trips and Falls
  • Fall From Height
  • Automotive Accidents / Reconstruction
  • Parking Lot Safety
  • Human Factors
  • Industrial / Workplace Safety
  • Building Systems
  • Violation of Codes / Standards of Care 
  • Building Code Violations
  • Life Safety Code Violations
  • ADA Code Violations
  • OSHA Violations

Use Cases:

  • 3D Reconstruction / Visualization
  • As Built Documentation
  • Site / Scene Documentation
  • Maps / Plans / Perspectives    
  • Animated Reenactment
  • Security Footage Analysis / Recreation
  • Slideshow / Storyboards
  • Slide Presentations
  • Timelines
  • Information Visualization
  • Photograph Analysis
  • Photo Restoration / Recreation
  • Organizing / Hyperlinking Design Documents 
  • Discover of Design Drawings
  • Analysis and Presentation of Repair / Maintenance Record
  • Code Research
  • Interactive PDF Reports